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Strategies on Basketball Betting You Need to Learn

The advantages of basketball betting are many. Among them are such as a large number of matches, the division into time intervals, a large number of points. Live basketball betting systems successfully combine these advantages with the features of the real game when the situation changes rapidly. Tracking the markets in such a situation is not easy for both the bookmaker and the players.

What Are the Most Popular Strategies?

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  • Strategy for even or odd total match plus catch.
  • Strategy for TB or TM match in the first half of the meeting.
  • The strategies associated with the quarters are the catch of TB / TM total in the quarters or the underdog victories. We will consider a modified version of this system in this article.
  • Humpty Dumpty basketball strategy. This bet is made on a weaker team in one of the quarters. At the same time, this game system consists of two elements: a careful selection of matches according to certain criteria and three game styles: Light, Normal, Hard.

What Are the Main Criteria to Match the Game?

It works like this: you should watch the last five matches played. The team, which you bet on should not lose all quarters of the basketball match approximately equal in strength to the opponent. In the line prematch, handicap on the favorite should not exceed +8.5 points. According to the statistics of full-time confrontations in the last two seasons, matches should not end with the victory of one team in all quarters, there should not be any games “in one wicket” (with a break of more than 15 points).

Draw attention to the motivation of teams, the ability to fight to the last. You should exclude games of unpredictable championships.

  • Light: enter the match in the 2nd quarter, put on a team that loses. If the bet does not pass, you need to catch up in the 3rd, then in the 4th quarter. The bank is divided into three parts in the ratio of 15%, 30% and 55%.
  • Normal - enter the game after 2 quarters lost by the team. Rates - the third quarter - 35%, the fourth — 65%.
  • Hard - the most "hard" mode. One of the teams is inferior to 3 quarters, we bet on the victory in the last game segment the whole bank. Requires a serious analysis of all the circumstances of the match. Such games are rare, but bring the maximum income.

The Main Peculiarities of Strategy

Watch the broadcast. This will allow to leave the game when one of the teams frankly “merges” the match. Divide the capital into 4–5 parts, use each part in accordance with the chosen style of play.

Any strategy is not a dogma, blind copying is unlikely to lead to a result. You can use individual elements of the strategy, refine on the basis of your observations and develop your own game system.



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