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  About Flatpick-L

Flatpick-L is an email list hosted on a list server graciously provided by North Dakota University System. The purpose of the list is the discussion of topics related to "flatpicking", which is a particular style of playing the guitar (usually acoustic guitar).

Anyone can subscribe to the Flatpick-L email list. It is a high volume list with a lot of subscribers, some vocal, some quiet, some famous, and some not-so-famous. You might be an accomplished flatpick guitar player, a beginner, or a listener. On this list, it doesn't really matter. It is a place where all can contribute, or just read and enjoy.

Subscribing to Flatpick-L

  1. First, read the Flatpick-L list charter.

  2. Then, submit your email address to the list server with the LISTSERV web interface at listserv.nodak.edu

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