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About Flatpick-L.org

Flatpick-L.org is a non-commercial site created and maintained by members of the Flatpick-L email list community.

Even though Flatpick-L.org shares the same name as the Flatpick-L email list, it is not an "official" home. Officially, Flatpick-L only exists in the ethers of Internet email and the email list archives. This site, Flatpick-L.org, is simply a convenient spot on the Internet where links and resources can be posted for the Flatpick-L community in a nice organized fashion, with a name that's easy to remember so we can all find it. There are actually quite a few different web sites on the Internet devoted to the Flatpick-L community. Browse the links page for a full list of resources.

Contributing to Flatpick-L.org

If you are a member of the Flatpick-L email list community, your contributions of time, talent, ideas, information, etc., are welcomed!

You may want to create a new section on the site and maintain it yourself, or, maybe you may want to contribute content, but don't know how to go about getting it onto a web site, or maybe you have skills in site development or graphic design and just want to help with maintainance or posting of other member's contributions. If so, please send an email off-list. There are already several good technical people on the list who can assist if you need help with converting your content to HTML, or if your idea requires some server-side scripting.

Please note once again that this is a completely non-commercial site, dedicated to serving the needs of the Flatpick-L community. Decisions on what content is appropriate for Flatpick-L.org will be made by answering the simple question of whether the content is something that could be posted on the Flatpick-L mailing list, or would be deemed appropriate by the Flatpick-L mailing list charter. If it's not appropriate for the list, then it's probably not appropriate for Flatpick-L.org.



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